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Report Number One:

The 3 Levels of Listening — One of the turning points in my work happened several years ago when I discovered the deeper levels of listening. In particular my work focuses on three levels. The difference between level one (being the least effective level) and level two is dramatic—and life changing. Yet most people operate most of the time in level one. The difference between level one and level three is even more amazing. In this report I’ll share with you the distinct difference between each of these three levels of listening, and how you can learn to listen most of the time in level two to three. If you care deeply about your relationships (personal and business) you’ll want this report. I cover all three levels in depth.

Report Number Two:

8 Things that Can Cripple Your Listening — A few years back I had my own personal wake-up call with the power of listening. It transformed my life. Since then I’ve discovered 8 things in particular that can cripple your listening and deteriorate relationships. This report was written to share with you my conclusions. I think you’ll find it incredibly helpful.

Report Number Three:

5 Reasons We Listen Poorly — One of my listening workshop attendees has been married for over 20 years. She commented one day that she and her husband were no longer happily married, and that she was beginning to see why. Upon reflection, she observed the point at which the joy in their marriage began to deteriorate. It was at the point when they stopped listening to each other—when they took the heart out of their listening. Our listening habits are affecting our personal and business lives in unimaginable ways. This report focuses on five reasons we listen poorly and how these poor listening habits can gradually deteriorate our most treasured relationships. If you care deeply about your relationships, you’ll want to read this report.

Report Number Four:

The Happiest People I Know Practice This Principle — I’ve been wanting for years to bring out the message within this report. It’s a message that could significantly improve the way millions of people live their lives. It’s about a principle of life that few people really understand at a deep level. I was one of them until several years ago when I had my own personal experience with it. It changed my life forever. Let me say this right up front: The happiest people I know practice this principle!

What you’re about to discover could improve your life in every way. If you’re struggling with a relationship, read this carefully. If your life seems unfulfilled in any way—materially, emotionally, or spiritually—this report holds the secret to a richer life. The principle within this powerful report can transform your world!

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